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January 6th, 2011

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Europe Exceeds US in Bank Bonus Crackdown

August 1st, 2010

The banking business argues that bonus taxes and other boundaries could ground its most talented workers to defect to banks in other countries that don’t limit pay. Goldman Sachs, who is the privileged investment bank that repaid its $10 billion in bailout funds. The influential’s for Britain and France are implementing a one-time tax on large bonuses compensated by bailed-out banks – a constraint that goes distant beyond what’s being measured in the United States. Still, antagonism over lavish Wall Street pay is forcing some U.S. banks to take pre-emptive acts. As an alternative, they’ll be compensated in stock that can’t be cashed within five years.
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Inflation Control

July 19th, 2010

With a jingle financial policy agenda, inflation would be stabilised, inflation crises like this would not occasionally seize the government, and distortionary short-sighted initiatives such as prohibition of exports of certain goods would not arise. When inflation spikes, the single focus of the government becomes controlling inflation. This is not how mature market economies work. In all mature market economies, the task of controlling inflation – and only the task of controlling inflation – is placed with the central bank. In mature market economies, inflation crises do not arise, because the full power of financial policy is committed to this one task.
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Public sector employees facing the wrath

May 27th, 2010

The worst hit section by the economic downfall of finance in Europe is the employees of the public sector. As the economy is recovering from a huge downfall it has decreased the salaries, remunerations and perks of their workforce. After meeting a few bank employees we have gathered that this section has been angered in masses but is still remaining silent as they hope that this will soon come to an end.
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European companies got big revenues after publishing Drug Reviews

May 18th, 2010

World economy goes out of crises and European economy is not the exception. European pharmaceutical companies that produce different drugs decided to publish Drug Reviews about influence of tablets of different types on human’s organism. They revenues grew up since publishing of these reviews because people began to buy more drugs like antidepressants that was urgent due to crises when people lost their workplaces, hadn’t got enough money to cancel credits and a lot of stuff like it. Actually, what I want to tell now – that pharmaceutical companies in Europe made huge sums of money during crises helping European countries to go out of the crises and I think that will do even more after it.
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Good signs as inflation decreases

May 5th, 2010

Looks like there will finally be an end to all the problems related to the price rise scenario of the finance in Europe. The rates of inflation have dropped down by 1.4-1.5% from the previous year. There has also been a positive response from the European banks as they have announced that the bank rates charged for repayment of loans are soon to be decreased. Looks like the mess in the economy will soon be sorted out.
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Plans to improve financial conditions in Europe

March 27th, 2010

Well the government of finance has many plans to improve financial conditions in Europe. The 3.5% downfall or inflation is expected to go down to 2.2% in the coming year and further go even down to 2.1% in the coming two years or so. Even the banks in Europe will lower down the rate of interest shortly. So economy is expected to rise soon.
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Recent scenario of finance in Europe

March 12th, 2010

Well the reports show a downfall in the financial strategy of Europe this year as well and it is expected that this downfall would probably come to a halt by the next year. A downfall of 1.1% has been seen in the economy thus leading to a financial crisis and the efforts are being made to stabilize everything. This is all from the recent scenario of finance in Europe.
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February 1st, 2010

As the public continues facing the results of the global crisis even the employees at banks and financial institutes are not spared by their rage. The employees are being cut down largely by their bonuses as the public demands equality in the banking sector. People argue that when the losses are recovered from the tax payers money then why the profits in the banking firms are kept private.
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January 13th, 2010

Global recession has greatly affected the mutual funds market of Europe. With confidence and trust at stake there has been a great suspicion over the mutuals. Societies are collapsing due to no or very less investments. Many big companies are forcibly merging together in order to survive against the debt on their heads. The recession should not have affected the mutuals but due to the shaken trust even they are not spared from the wave of closures.
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