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The Benefits of Russian Brides

If you are like me, you just can’t keep up with the demands of western women. It wasn’t until after my experience with Russian brides dating that I realized how skewed western standards can be. First of all, American women have unrealistic views of marriage. It is difficult to compete with the romance seen in Hollywood films and the cereal box families depicted in TV. Russian brides, on the other hand, have been raised in very traditional upbringings. Their ideas of marriage are more realistic from the get go, therefore they aren’t disappointed by the unglamorous aspects such as washing dishes. Many western women have rejected the idea of family all together and choose to pursue careers instead. Interestingly, Russian brides are mostly more educated than their western counterparts. However, these Slavic women take pride in supporting their husbands. I have heard about many Russian brides becoming successful businesswomen after their marriages. Yet, these women can somehow maintain jobs without losing a sense of tradition. One of my favorite qualities of Russian brides is that they balance tradition while still being chic and modern- not to mention incredibly beautiful! There are many benefits to Russian brides that you will find out for yourself.

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