Europe Sees Largest Stock Gain Since July

October 26th, 2009

This week European stocks saw a huge advance, pushing the Dow Jones 600 to the largest gain it has seen since July this year. This has led to speculation that the economy is now beginning to recover from the recession. Cadbury has also enjoyed impressive gains, jumping 37 percent after the company rejected a take over bid placed at $16 billion from Kraft Foods earlier in the month.
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Suspicion Mounting On Banks

October 12th, 2009

Due to the global economic downturn there has been increased suspicion and scrutiny on mutuals. The confidence in them has fallen to a record low, with building societies in Britain, thought to be theoretically safe, collapsing. In France Banque Populaire and Ciasse d’Epargne have been forced to merge in order to avoid the burden of extreme toxic debt. Although mutals can be successful the crisis has shaken confidence and forced many institutions to collapse.
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Bankers In Europe Upset Over Bonus Crackdown

September 26th, 2009

Politicians in Europe have lashed out at large bonuses in financial institutions, leaving European traders and bankers feeling they are being used as scapegoats. This is largely due to the publics outrage that profits in the banking sector were private, while when it all came to pieces the public was expected to pay the losses in the form of taxes. Claiming that a “few” traders who earned high salaries were not to blame for the crisis is one of the key arguments presented, however this is being largely ignored by an outraged public.
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Finance In Europe A Mess

August 24th, 2009

Finance in Europe is in a huge Crisis. Debt in Eastern Europe is out of control. Repayment is unlikely and now credit is unavailable. There won’t be any bail-outs. This problem is way bigger than the sub-prime crisis that hit America, or the East Asia Crisis in 1990. Although the situation is unfavorable for finance in Europe it will effect the American dollar in a positive way, keeping it strong, because the rest of the world is in shambles.
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Rules Of Finance In Europe And The World

August 24th, 2009

The policies of finance in Europe prefer free movement of capital. The French were influential on the rules that were created, unlike the United States who was not a important influence. It was the French and Europeans that wrote the rules on how to manage global finance. The rules of the EU and OECD effect the policies of capital and finance in Europe. Freedom of Capital was proposed, but defeated, mostly because of the US Congress.
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East Europe Finance In Big Trouble

August 24th, 2009

East Europe is in trouble and its going to effect the whole world not just finance in Europe. Debt has been racked up in East Europe that is going to be impossible to pay off. This situation is similar to the sub-prime crisis that happened in the United States, but worst. For starters the banks in Europe are responsible for the loans. Unlike America the European governments are not going to provide a bail out.
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Interpretation Of Survey On Coroporate Finance In Europe

August 24th, 2009

The data from the survey of 313 European CFO’s gives us a insight into finance in Europe. Budgeting of funds and how corporations manage them where the was the main interest of the survey. It was found that large companies need to be flexible financially in order to reasonably manage their debt. Corporate finance in Europe is mostly effected by the size of the company, and actions of the shareholders, and less so by the country they are based in.
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Finance In Europe – Future Projections

August 24th, 2009

What will the world of banks and finance in Europe look like in the future? Expect there to be a merging of European banks into the major financial networks around the world especially those in the U.S.A and in Asia. Much progress still needs to be made to realize this future of finance in Europe. Politicians, banks, and those involved in finance in Europe will all play a important role in building this future.
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